The "For a Beautiful Turkey Of Course Yes" rally. (March 2017)Since last summer’s coup attempt, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been freed by his fellow citizens (the ones he hasn’t purged and imprisoned of course) to be all about emergency decrees.

In the lead up to last week’s Yes To Anything Erdogan Says vote, at the televised For a Beautiful Turkey Of Course Yes rally (not joking on the name) Erdogan signed into law an emergency decree about laser hair removal.Peak unicorn.

Again, this was in front of a beautician audience at the For a Beautiful Turkey Of Course Yes rally. Got it? Okay.

Side note: News like this is a clear example of why people are already queuing up for Hidden Valley Unicorn Ranch Dressing.

Maybe Erdogan is just a big believer in, “Hair free is care free.”Anyways, back to the emergency hair removal legislation. The act itself outlines those parties (now including beauticians) able to legally operate laser hair removal instruments, and has left many outside of Turkey wondering why this had to be done through emergency measures.

What say you, PDers? Is Erdogan just staying up late nights concerned that his female population might not be beach ready, or has he run out of typical Big Government emergency decrees?