Bat clips. Whether it is Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Medusa locks or the traditional Frankenstein’s monster ear crop, there are many ways to take your hair to some horrifying heights this season.

While in the past hair accessories for Halloween were all about the bloodshot eye, this year a simplistic take on Kandy’s flying dogs, London’s flying rats or as they are called in Austin, bats are the new favorite.

Purchased or DIY-ed with a little leather, hot glue and imagination the sky is the limit with these.

One, two or ten depending upon your overall look.

If your hair is a darker shade, sprinkle the bats with a little glitter so they stand out better.

Or you can opt for a gold bat headband.

Gold spray paint can also get the job done.

If you are worried about your Federal Reserve quality gold rusting, coat the headband or clip with clear nail polish first.

Bats not your thing? Try channeling Hitchcock with this bird number, also another easy purchase or DIY.

Beware though, people may throw birdseed at you.

Skulls, like eyeballs, are now finally passé…at least until Spring. If you’re still a bone fanatic go with a carved buffalo or alternatively, a real rat skull. For the real rat skull all you need is hot glue, a strong stomach, and an ailing Splinter.

Complete the look with matching mouse earrings.

Need a little more political satire for your look? Have a few hours, a zillion bobby pins and about 7 bottles of Big Sexy Hair Spray? Okay, combine Middle Eastern birds and Putin’s conquering bear motif for a Halloween look that screams, “Assad.”

A perfect look for Michelle Antoinette.

Still not enough? Need a look so horrifying it will take you all the way into December? Okay, you need the Hillary 2016.

So scary in so many ways.

The Hillary 2016 is a haircut guaranteed to make those around you cackle and shriek in terror.

You’re welcome.