The Hair Powder Act of 1795.

The Hair Powder Act of 1795.

There is really nothing that escapes the clutches of Big Government, including hair powder.

For a little hair history today, our PD Staff gives you the British Duty on Hair Powder Act of 1795.

Essentially, under the Act, unless you were a member of the British Royal Family, one of their servants, or member of the clergy making less than £100 a year, you had to purchase a special certificate in order to use hair powder.

Yes, keeping your wig its whitest was a matter for the State under the Hair Powder Act of 1795.

The powdered wig life.

The Hair Powder Act of 1795 ruined the powdered wig life.

Starting from May 5th, 1795, people were forced to visit a stamp office to purchase their hair powder certificate and to have their name officially recorded for the British Government.

Each certificate cost one guinea the equivalent of £100 today.

The Hair Powder Act was only finally repealed in 1869.