The measure and volume will show how much you can eat.Our Genius Ideas are usually tongue-in-cheek, but this week’s might actually be a smart decision.

Here at PD, we often talk about investments that could save you if and when things go tits up. We’ve covered gold grills, bull semen, the Daash Dinar, food storage and how to get your money’s worth of eyes on the Black Market.

PDers know that having a few bottles of Maker’s Mark and proper winter attire are important, but if things in your neck of the woods hit Venezuela-bad proportions you’ll also want to have a sleek head of hair. To sell.

With Maduro’s Government now coming out with the 20,000 Bolivars bill, in order to make ends meet about 200 Venezuelan women a day have been crossing into Colombia to sell their locks.Alterna’s Bamboo Collection might earn you an extra helping of rice and beans in the future.

A nice head of hair that can later be turned into extensions fetches about $20 (the equivalent of one month’s minimum salary in Caracas).

The key part of the above though is the nice, as sellers (known as draggers) won’t accept just any hair. Hair that is too thin or brittle is sent back across the border.

While this might seem like a commercial for Suave or Alterna Hair Caviar, taking care of your hair today, could mean you’re able to feed your family down the line.