First, they came for the refrigerator and I said nothing. Then they came for my blow dryer and I was nothing. Who could have predicted that hitching your horse to the EU cart would mean you would have to say goodbye to your blow dryer, vacuum, and any other appliance with enough wattage to actually do something other than buzz?

Well, we did of course, but that was a rhetorical question.

Since according to the Reddit moderators the science is settled on global warming, the EU has drafted up legislation (using that term loosely of course, since their authority, along with other governing bodies, but more so here, is questionable) to mandate a 30% wattage decrease in small appliances across the board to cure the Earth’s fever, save their marriages, and loosen up Al Gore’s third chakra.Not the illegal aliens?

Currently, the EU has seemed to have free reign on regulating larger household devices like your washing machine (yeah, that one you’ve used seven times to get that Clinique Chunky Cherry Chubby stick stain out), and refrigerator, but with all things tyranny and Agenda 21, a little oppression is never enough.

Apparently for the EU’s EcoDesign (actually spelled with a lowercase ‘D’ but we prefer it this way) directive, not even smart phones happen to be smart enough to meet energy mandates.

The EU’s best brows. Hey, you know what an ailing private sector needs? A bloated bureaucratic system telling them how to better screw their customers. That’s the secret sauce for success right there.

Fortunately, there are some in Europe that understand the importance of a good blow dry and are speaking out against this wattage grab.

German MEP Herbert Reul said of the move, “The commission must stop their eco-design plans. It makes no sense to regulate the detail of energy consumption, the manufacture of each product in the EU and to tell the citizen what he has to buy.”

Wow! Thank you Germany, for that—-breath of fresh air (sorry, it makes some on the PD staff really uncomfortable when Germany is the least totalitarian sounding group in the room).

Enjoy your weekend, and your blow dryer while you still can.