Seriously.If the last few months of the election cycle for 2016 have felt like a lifetime, you definitely aren’t alone, and we here at PD want to know how you’re coping.

It isn’t easy when all television media parrots election coverage day in and day out; even comedies like Modern Family are focused on Hillary 2016 and the History Channel is doing their best to crank out documentaries on aliens Trump. How exactly are you handling it?Or perhaps you’ve taken to trying to find your zen through doing 5 hours of yoga a day…

Internet media isn’t any better. Let’s not even touch on Drudge (soon to be renamed Trump) or the former Breitbart (already renamed Trumpbart). Again, PDers, how exactly are you getting through the day?

Have you all fled to Thailand to ride out the coup there, instead of dealing with the incoming one stateside?

Sure, it’s not a great bag, but doesn’t it dull the pain a little?Have you started adding vodka to your Captain Crunch? Side note: You know, you might need that liver when Donald Trump starts entering rooms to the tune of Hail to the Chief.

Shopping? Have you gone to every outlet mall in the Tri-State area to drown yourself in Kate Spade purses in the hopes to avoid the Huma Benghazi Shuffle?Sorry, but that’s not a $600 haircut.

What about bee therapy? Has the thought of a Bernie economy, or just seeing the Feel the Bern bumper stickers (now standard issue for every Prius) got you smothering your temples with bee propolis to keep the migraines at bay?

There’s a slogan. Really, comment down below, because we want to know…if only to try it for ourselves.