Scarier than last year’s candy corn. The less tax vexed Italian clothier, Moschino’s Capsule Collection SS17 is a little too heavy on the capsule aspect for American department store Nordstrom, Inc.

While the lackluster designer Jeremy Scott and the label itself insisted that with the collection, “There was never any intent to promote prescription drug abuse,” the offense police at Nordstrom still decided to pull Moschino’s Capsule Collection SS17 from both their online and brick and mortar stores, claiming that they feared the pill purses glamorized tablet use.

Let’s be offended by everything.

Oh, the horror! Oh, the hurt feelings! Oh, the outrage!

In fact, according to the label, “The Moschino capsule collection was inspired by a play on the word ‘capsule’ translated literally as a collection of ‘capsule-themed’ products. A lesser exposed, but equally relevant piece of the collection clearly states ‘Just say MoschiNO’ referencing the ‘Just Say No’ anti-drug campaign.”

There once was a time where if you didn’t like something, you just didn’t buy it.

Of course, as with everything considered offensive in fashion (and life) Moschino wasn’t the first to slap an exorbitant price tag on essentially a leather bag adorned with hot-glued, brightly colored pill capsules, since the Row did the same thing four years ago for $55,000.

The row.

Now, that’s scary.