Sweden.With a stiff resurgence of Nazism, it looks like Sweden is experiencing a little history on repeat these days.

This month alone apart from MP Mehmet Kaplan resigning over his Israeli comments and radical hand gestures, the residents of Vetlanda, in Southern Sweden, woke up on April 20th to find a Nazi swastika flag proudly flying over an administrative building.

Side note: For those of you out there without a knack for trivia or those of you without 88s and 14s tattooed on yourself, April 20th, 1889 was Hitler’s date of birth.Kvinnan med handväskan: Taking your handbag to Nazi demonstrators ala Danuta Danielsson might not be the way to go. Let their idiocy speak for itself.

Once discovered it was promptly taken down and Vetlanda’s Council Administrative Manager Magnus Färjhage posted the following, “We take this very seriously. Vetlanda should be an open and welcoming council and these types of symbols are completely unacceptable to us. We’re reporting it to the police.”

So far, no one knows who exactly hoisted the flag, but last year, also on Hitler’s birthday another Nazi flag was raised at the Njudung School, located in (you guessed it) Vetlanda.