As painful as Anna Wintour’s stab at affordable Barackware tees was last time, her bags from the collection could be even worse. Grab some ginger ale, and Smetca up, as we explore the Runway to Win collection’s take on handbags.

Nothing says classy like a denim purse. Despite most sane people equating denim bags with Blossom and the early 90’s, the denim purse is back in a big way…Maybe….No, this is just hideous. Someone also just inform this giant brain trust Rag and Bone team, that Obama is the current incumbent. The whole, “Be the Change You Want to See” shtick might have worked better in ’08.

Be the change that we currently have, why Wainwright and Neville you so smart.

Tory Burch, Tory Burch. Why must you throw yourself on the Obama bandwagon? Your normal handbags (not this one here hawking Obama) are well made and designed with minimalistic beauty. This tote however looks like an ode to the childhood game of Tic-tac-toe or Connect Four. Mrs. Burch, we here at PD expected better.

Tory Burch BAMA bag.

For $85, the former ice skater really tried her best to make this bag worthwhile for the peasants. Who wouldn’t fork out four twenties and a fiver for a canvas bag with a capitalized “OBAMA” printed over a heart-shaped and doodled around American flag? Of course everyone would, right? Uh…wrong. While some anxious brides might consider Vera Wang the Queen of Tulle, this bag and its odd triangle cut and drawstring top, should be regifted on the double.

vera wang doodle bag

There’s nothing quite like shelling out $75 for a Magic Eye purse. Did you see the hidden picture yet? Here’s a tip, just stare at one small part of the print and cross your eyes. Do you see it now? It’s Obama giving Anita Dunn a great big lizard kiss! How heartwarming.

Love those Magic Eye things.

Honestly, from a design point of view this could be the worst of the whole batch. Utter and complete crap. Shawdy stitching accents this Ed Hardy meets Color by Numbers catastrophe. Here at PD, we’ve tried to come up with ways this bag could be more of a fashion flop, and even as creative and imaginative as we are, we still weren’t able to come up with a way to make this bag worse. Wait, what if….Yeah. No, we’ve got nothing.

This really is baaaaad.