Still under the impression that Agenda 21 won’t affect you? Still think it can’t reach you? Well, if you’re a fan of Gucci, Agenda 21’s got ya.

Gucci’s just released their new eco and “ethical” range, as part of their Green Carpet Challenge, where their bags are made exclusively from Brazilian cattle ranches. Feeling the sustainability yet?

The UN carped a lot back in 2009 about Brazilian cattle, as due to their high demand on the fashion market Brazilian ranches started to expand. The UN couldn’t have that. Too big of a carbon footprint.

Now, after a few years of finagling, the UN and Gucci have finally come to an agreement, and it’s this collection.The Tote, the Hobo, and the----

These Green Carpet babies in burgundy come in three Gucci models, the Hobo (irony), the Jackie, and the Tote. Each comes with a snazzy little passport detailing the precise history of the cow the bag was made from. The “precise” history including, which ranch the cow was from, the cow’s date of birth, favorite food, and turn ons.

Interestingly enough, Brazil is the top exporter of leather. Even 10% of what is labeled as Italian leather is in reality simply rebranded Brazilian leather.

Go figure.