Now with more rules for patrons.If Churchill Downs is calling to you next weekend for the Kentucky Derby, you might want to brush up on the event’s latest bans.

Out the gate, expect a TSA-esque frisking before you’re allowed to see the horses, which means that like with the TSA, the event coordinators recommend coming early. Furthermore, any electronic items will be subject to the now-typical TSA turn-on test. Also as with the TSA, according to their website, patrons are encouraged to follow the DHS motto, “If you see something, say something.”

Other rules include a ban on trash bags, a purse ban on bags larger than 12 inches in any dimension and diaper bags are only allowed if you are accompanied by an actual child. Briefcases and backpacks are also banned.

In addition to that, there’s a two bag limit per person.

Outside water and soft drinks are allowed, but only if they are in clear plastic bottles, still sealed. No cans, coolers, thermoses or outside alcoholic beverages.Hats like this are fine, but dare your tote be over 12 inches…!

Selfie sticks, tripods, drones, cameras with detachable lenses and umbrellas are all banned.

Finally, we know you will be disappointed and may possibly have to go back to the drawing board on your hat design, but hoverboards are also on the banned list.

Still though, fun hasn’t been written down as explicitly banned so happy racing.