Coach and space.Not satisfied with just slapping NASA patches on their latest bag collection, Coach just purchased Kate Spade & Co. for $2.4 Billion.

Planning to keep Kate Spade independent from Coach retailers, CEO Victor Luis claims that, “We don’t want consumers to have any idea that there is a link. We don’t think it’s relevant,” adding that, “There won’t be links between the brands online. All the connection will be on the back end of the business.”$498.

With current rumors about possibly pulling Jimmy Choo under the Coach umbrella as well, in an attempt to ward off the Michael Kors effect, Luis plans to push Kate Spade deeper into the European and Asian Markets, while cutting back on the brand’s flash sales.

While Wall Street has been quick to applaud this move by Coach, we’ll have to wait and see how badly the world will be clamoring for a camel wicker clutch come next year.