Westward Ho, Looks for the Warmer Months

The secret to style is classic fashion, not fad fashion. The following should get you through both the Spring and Summer seasons ever year till Armageddon. (Writing Armageddon as if that’s a long way away, not Nov. 6th, 2012.)

Let’s start with the Volume 1: The Wild West. Old Americana, clean, functional.

With the Western look you’ll see lots of darker brown leather, turquoise accents, and a little rough n’ tumble flannel.

Some things to keep in mind though are:

Button down shirts should always be ¾ length, or rolled mid-way. Short sleeve button downs are a no-go.

Stay away from blue flannels are they can appear more Rugby collegiate than Western.

Solid colors are a big part of the look, with only light scatters of floral and Navajo graphics. You’ll find a lot of whites, crèmes, and lace.

Be sure to check your jewelry each season, as sizes will fluctuate. Some years you can get by with a major leather wrap bracelet, other seasons you’ll want to go for a more minimal silver band.

Boots should not be snake-skin, or overtly cowboy. Stick to polished leathers, with only a slight heel. Make sure the toe box is more rounded than pointed. Dingo boots work amazingly for this.

Any denim you wear should be dark, not stone-washed. Denim is a very controversial subject here at PD, so look for a future feature on the morals of that.

White racer-back tanks are the absolute best for achieving this look.

The beauty of the this approach to Spring and Summer fashion is that it’s classic earthy, without being mistaken for un-washed hippie, which is never a good look. What are your personal rules for the Western look?