Anna Wintour, editor of American Vogue, and PD pal, isn’t content to just invite the little people to din-din with Obama, the savior of the universe; so she pulled her collectivist resources and launched the Runway to Win collection. This Run Away Please God Run Away Runway to Win collection is chalk full of progressive fashion tripe. Where to begin?

Overall every item claims to be, “Made in America,” which PD finds mindboggling at best, a complete lie at worst. The cost of even making a simple tee, thanks to Cass Sunstein regulations hardly makes this a worthy fundraiser junket.

Okay, so then the tactic is just to make Miss Middle America vote for Obama, because he’s the fashion elite’s choice. Getting warmer.

Alright, the tactic is aimed at the teeny-bopper and early twenty-something that fancy fashion is the center of the universe, and are desperately wanting to parade around in Marc Jacobs. As the prospect of them affording anything that was actually Marc Jacobs alone in this economy is a crack laced pipe dream, they’ll settle for the two bonus words at the end. Marc Jacobs For Obama.

Ding, ding, ding. With that in mind, let’s look at the collection.

Part 1: The Tees

Marc Jacobs prefers Pepsi to Coke.

To start us out is the aforementioned Marc Jacobs’ take on campaign wear. In an attempt to keep it simple with, “I vote Obama,” Jacobs crossed over into Pepsi Cola territory. Fashion win? Uh…nope.

Is it really greater if safety-pinned together?

Prabal Gurung brings us this next attempt at campaign creativity. This Singaporean missed the mark, but tried witlessly to piece it back together with clip art paperclips and button Obama face images. While this might have flown off the Wet Seal and Hot Topic shelves back in 2003, today in 2012, it’s just wannabe punk junk.

Rodriguez, sometimes extending a logo isn't the way to "go"

Ah, yes, Narciso Rodriguez brings us the Obama slogan toilet bowl tee we’ve all been waiting for. Come on. Does that or does that not look like a toilet cover? Guess we know where he does most of his designing.

The Obama bird? Really Wu?

Jason Wu, please. Seriously? This is the best you got? Even that ill-sewn muck you put out for Target a few seasons back was better than this. Very much twitter bird, but all crap this long sleeve design is full-on embarrassing.

Gotta grab my Work Camp tee right away.

Finally! Altuzarra brings us a tee that totally captures the future prisoner-esque trend that will be all the rage at the Work and Reeducation Camps. While Altuzarra has shown he can design in the past, this shirt doesn’t have any of the hallmarks of being an Altuzarra. In fact, this tee looks like it came from a Scottish version of Callaghan’s.

Way to go, Wintour! Can’t wait to see all of the other fashion fails you’ll be forcing on the American public.