The April Fool’s release date fits this month’s Vogue cover of Michelle Antoinette a bit too well. Clearly, it’s got to be a joke.

We were all witness to the Photoshop magic done by Vogue to make Debbie Wasserman-Schultz look like a 6, but the foundational work done on Michelle Antoinette is even worse than her last Vogue cover.

One first lady, two Vogue covers. Yeah, that checks out.

Full disclosure: Obviously we aren’t fans of the “spend thrift” first lady of the United States, but this month’s Vogue spread makes her look almost alien (not illegal alien, but alien-alien). Seriously. The only thing the powers that be at Vogue could have done to make Michelle Obama look worse is to just completely Photoshop an entire limb off.

What do you think, PDers? Is there a bit of political undertone here as Anna Wintour’s ambassadorship has taken longer than expected to iron out? Or is this just the new normal at Vogue?