On January 3rd, when Mrs. Pelosi stepped down, I’m sure Americans everywhere were thinking the same thing…Is that a fleece jacket? Pelosi whom has a reputation of parachuting over the desires of the American people, wearing lots of heavy jewelry, and for being a Spokesperson for Botox, kept it a bit too casual on her last day as Speaker of the House.

Though, the cobalt blue of the jacket is gorgeous, and we all known I could never knock that color, the zipper feature makes Pelosi look a bit too, “Only you can prevent forest fires,” as opposed to, “Let’s investment more taxpayers’ money into our new green economy.”

The suit jacket does look like something she should be propelling down a mountain in. Maybe that does fit the green economy then.

Side note: What’s with the odd color coordination between Mrs. Pelosi and John Boehner? Is somewhere in the 10th amendment that Speakers must wear shades of blue?