Never Tyranny means Never Trump, no matter how many people push the opposite. Summer officially came to an end and our attempt at keeping on those chic rose-colored glasses went awry the moment Ted Cruz gave us VD and endorsed the Donald.

In fact, Trump picked up quite a few endorsements this month, leaving Hillary to faint from exasperation when she heard President Obama say he’d take a Trump vote as a personal insult.

It finally took Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee wearing her I’m with Hillary pin during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Clinton’s email server to bring her around.Interesting point…

Speaking of parasites, Zika continued its move across Florida, and the newest generation of voters went off to play in the ball pits of university.

Gucci decided to haunt haute couture and we went a little Wild West this month with Sharma approved broomstick skirts and Kiehl’s Cactus Flower Hydrating Mist, while Disney embraced Polynesian face.

We read 13 Hours, Samsung’s Galaxy 7 Note really caught fire, and the catwalk called for the end of civilization when Crocs took center stage at Fashion Week.

The 2016 campaign got so rough that when Vice President Joe Biden made an appearance on Fallon, the country lamented he didn’t decide to run, as between the other two candidates Biden truly seems like the most brilliant pick by far.

Yes, September 2016 was when Joe Biden was looked at as a fantasy. On that note, being creepy was also made a crime this month.

Clown sightings prompted new anti-creepy laws.

Finally, as October as already started, our staff is ready to embrace the horror of the Election Halloween season.

See you there!