We get what you’re trying to do by wearing that scarf, but really---that knitting with that coat and hat? Come on.Last Sunday, Maduro put away his sled and opted for a plane instead for Venezuela’s semi-annual International Begging Tour.

After a tense term of price caps and a meager holiday felt by all despite the Government Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness putting in overtime hours, President Maduro explained his International Begging Tour with stops first in China followed by OPEC as, “A very important tour to take on new projects, given the circumstances of falling income that our country faces.”

Those circumstance being the fact that the country has run out of toilet paper, cooking oil and caskets.Socialists have the worst dreams…

Maduro’s tour comes right at a time when the rest of the world is focused on the growing Caliphate McDonald’s in his country being unable to import potatoes to make French fries.