Newsweek has often reminded us of the Women’s Wear Department of J.C. Penny’s, always the last to know a trend, and by the time they’re pushing it on the racks as the new go to item for every 13 year old girl with a Hello Kitty stickered Iphone, the fashion world has moved on.

Last week‘s parting of the political seas conducted by dear leader, was his sashay attempt to express his views on gay marriage. Gay marriage being the defining issue of our age (screw recessions, depressions, Iran, Venezuela, EU insolvency, unemployment, and China owning our collective asses), Obama’s sweaty palm was firmly forced by Uncle Jo Biden’s big stick comments to say that well, you know, gay marriage is well, he knows people that are gay, some of his best friends are gay, and they have beautiful relationships, of mutual respect and tolerance, common interests—just like him and Michelle, and his father the goat-herder-er Ivy League grad communist polygamist—-well no, but let him be clear, he has said in the past that Lisa Frank would always have a position available to her in his administration, and what red blooded man hasn’t ever thought of owning a few unicorns on federally protected fields, so really gayness and gaydom is major, and gay marriage is totally a state rights issue, but if he were the head of a state, or Russell Simmons or Richard Simmons put it up for a vote in Congress, he’d so be present for that and arugula.

That’s right. POTUS offered up a support platform for gay marriage enthusiasts so half assed, it literally is half an ass.

We have no gays here.The media cheers wildly as tingles run up and down their left arms. He’s freed the gays! Until now, the US has taken the whole Ahmadinejad approach, and either tortured them, imprisoned them, or sworn there were no gays and any notion of them was just a Zionist trick. Also, what fawning member of the Obama 2012 Press Club, would remember that back in 1994, Barry Obama had taken an even firmer stand in favor of gay marriage, by actually saying he supported it with less buts, caveats, and I-I-I’s.

Whatever though, if it doesn’t fit the grand-uniter-cloak Soros is buying him, it’s not going to make the news rack.

Newsweek did get one part right though, he is one hell of a gayass president, though unfortunately we here at PD have good money on the fact he’s not the first.