In July, a near two months since the BP oil rig explosion, her Royal Highness, the beloved Queen of Chicago, and to us here at the Political Dresser, our dear Michelle Antoinette, finally found the time and just the right ensemble to wear to grace the little people of the Gulf Coast region.


White pants, which judging from the above pic, are state regulation in Florida, and a white with black splotches sailor tank.

Wow. White with black, almost oil like splotches.

I am not one for taking people out back to be shot, but the First Lady’s stylist needs at the very least to be fired over this insensitivity, and well, blatant stupidity. How such a “well-oiled-machine” that Newsweek proclaims the Obama Administration to be, could allow such a blunder to happen is beyond shocking.

image001In the case that her stylist didn’t pick this out and is not at fault for this spit in the eye of southern tax payers, but rather it was the bright idea of Mrs. Obama herself, than this is our generation’s Let-them-eat-cake-moment.

While history states that Maria Antoinette never actually uttered that phrase, unfortunately Michelle Antoinette did indeed wear this, and is indeed openly snubbing the peasants.