Not the actual rug.It’s officially Spring time for the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s not just Daash doing some redecorating. In fact, might we suggest that even you give your carpet a good balcony beating or two?

Chancellor Angela Merkel ended up skipping that bit of spring cleaning back in 2013, and was left red faced when it was found that the rug in her office was actually part of Hermann Goering’s pilfered collection from Jews rounded up during World War II.

Talk about some serious political dirt there.That’s some unfortunate timing there.

The rug was actually part of a collection that was said to have already been returned to the original owner’s kinsmen, but like so many of the other odds and ends (tapestries, jewelry, paintings, teeth, etc.) taken during the 1000 Year Reich a few here and there still adorn German government offices and museums.

After news of the rug hit the world press, Merkel was quick to give it that airing out and stow it away from sight, before her next election kicked into high gear.

Just something to consider as you take out the hoover.