Most know Nancy Pelosi for her love of tribal necklaces, real estate, Bird being the “word,” and Botox vineyards, but few are familiar with her prowess as a mathematician. Oh yeah, Nancy Pelosi easily could have played Special Agent Tuesday from that PBS kid’s classic, had she not decided to enter politics of course.

Without further ado, PD now gives you, Memory Lane Monday: The Pelosi Math Edition.

Back in early 2009, doing her best to strong arm Dear Leader’s stimulus package (wasn’t that his second, or was it the third?) on the public, Nancy Pelosi said this during a press conference, “Every month that we do not have an economic recovery package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.”

Wow, that’s one hell of scary statistic, considering the US had a total population of 306 million. Some men, women, retirees, pets, and children would be fired twice. Damn those Bush tax cuts!

Since it’s so near the holidays, what with Brussels holding their overly defensive, annual Christmas Market Winter Pleasures 2012, let’s try and meet her half way; even if she meant to say thousand that would mean that each of those jobs would come out at about $1.5 million a pop.

Hello, new Gucci bag stimulus!

Let’s also not forget that it was Mrs. Pelosi whom said that we needed to pass the Healthcare Bill in order to find out what was in it. Yes, that’s really the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.