A bit of debris and body parts on Iraq’s Highway 80 today.Well, there is definitely no shortage of monikers and spellings for the new (new to the mainstream media as of a few months ago) jihadists on the block.

News outlets started with calling them ISIS, for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the Obama Administration insists on calling this group that they view as non-Islamic ISIL, for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (roll eyes here), the Levant being basically the whole bag of Islamic beans Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus, etc.White granny-kicks and ADIDAS, now that’s terrifying.

Daash stands for Dulat al-Islam fi al-Iraq wal-Sham or in English the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria, with other spellings just as Daesh and Daish. It’s been recently reported though, that like most nicknames, these jihadists do not care for those names sounding so near to the English word, diarrhea.

In the name of peace, slaughter all the people! Wait—wrong meme.In lieu of just using the term FFNJ (fucking fascist nut jobs), our staff is going to go with Daash.

Of course, whatever you call them, you can trust that the United States Government has been on top of them, keeping you and yours safe, safe, kind of safe, safe, super safe for years.

Back in 2010, when he wasn’t raving about “al-Quds” (the Islamic name for Jerusalem), American University in Cairo alum John Brennan, then the White House Counter-terrorism Adviser and now the Director of the CIA, made sure that the public knew just what danger jihadists posed to the West.This is what causes ulcers.

“Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists,’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community.”

Makes sense, considering how pure Iraq’s Highway 80 is now.

With all of this name game business being played by all sides, let’s just stick to the central theme of jihad.

Oh, and peace be with you.Last month, Sheik Iyad Abu Funun a cleric in Gaza, after seeing a ten minute segment of Carrot Top, decided his sermons needed a proper or two.

So, Iyad Abu Funun held up a machine gun to punctuate his jihadist shouts of, “These weapons are our only means to liberate the Al Aqsa Mosque! These weapons are our only means to establish the Islamic state! These weapons are our only means to reestablish Mohammed’s caliphate!”Daash calls John Kerry an, “Uncircumcised old geezer.” Hey Daash, words hurt!

Happy Monday!