The Green Party.Let’s go to Sweden to help PD kickoff this week.

The jingoistic rage machine might have been fueled with Asa Romson, the Deputy Prime Minister and Environment Minister of Sweden, falling into a translation snafu on Gomorron Sverige (Good Morning Sweden) when she relayed the 9/11 attacks as, “Accidents,” but our staff is more concerned with her previous comments on refugees and Auschwitz.Come on, to be fair “misfortune” and “accident” are the same in Swedish.

Last November, while Sweden was having problems coming up with ghost-free refugee accommodations, Romson likened the whole crisis situation with the horrors of Auschwitz (and no, not the horrors of the modern day oven selfies), claiming that Europe was, “Turning the Mediterranean into the new Auschwitz.”

Yasri Khan and his mutton cap.Auschwitz being a location that it was later revealed Romson was not able to find on a map, believing it to have been in, “Southern Germany,” instead of Poland.Mehmet Kaplan, the first to resign this month.

We should point out that Romson reiterated today that she has no plans to resign, unlike her Green Party colleagues Yasri Khan, whom resigned last week for not shaking women’s hands and Mehmet Kaplan, whom resigned a few days before that due to his ties to radical elements including (but definitely not limited to) Turkey’s Grey Wolves and those pals of the Obama Administration, the Muslim Brotherhood