Oh sorry, it's Dr. Paul Ehrlich.PD hasn’t done a theme month for Memory Lane in quite some time, so since we started June out with a little bit of EPA concert global warming hysteria, we’ve decided to focus on other, super scientific predictions from the sustainability crowd.

Paul Ehrlich is a usual eugenics fan favorite, with such titles under his belt as The Population Bomb and Famine 1975: America’s Decision Who Will Survive.

Back in 1969, he penned Eco-Catastrophe! an essay worthy of Orson Wells where he rallied his green base with, “Most of the people who are going to die in the greatest cataclysm in the history of man have already been born.”His office is messy, so he must be smart!

Then to prove he was serious, Ehrlich decided to put some dates on it, claiming that by 1975, “Food shortages will have escalated the present level of world hunger and starvation into famines of unbelievable proportions.”

Catchy title.Leaving the caveat of, “Other experts, more optimistic, think the ultimate food-population collision will not occur until the decade of the 1980s.”

Yeah, wasn’t that horrible? Back in the 80’s? When we all starved to death?

Happy Monday!