When ice cream makes the news…For someone whom proclaims all of the time to be the most transparent leader in American history and to not have even a smattering of scandal in his administration, Barack Obama sure does have a lot of scandals on the stove at any given time—the only difference is that the media, even the foreign press, appear to be unable to stop drooling over him and Michelle Antoinette’s arms long enough to inquire about any of them.

Instead President Obama is hit with below the belt questions like the following from his trip to Japan earlier this year:

“Did you enjoy your green tea ice cream dessert?”

Gasp— Tsuyoshi went there."Then" indeed. CNN: Your source for hourly updates on Flight 370.

How did Dear Leader respond to such a scathing inquiry?

“They have the green tea at the bottom that I’ve spoken of having when I was six, and I was very pleased.” Then after a dramatic pause he added, “It was delicious.”


Happy Monday!