You know, King Carl XVI Gustaf looks like that type of person that would be against bathing. Just throwing that out there.We don’t often discuss Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf, because aside from his penchant for haberdashery, he is still part of a Monarchy, and well—frankly, most of the time our staff can’t be bothered.

The Prince said something parasitical? Shocking! A King said something tyrannical? No way! Weird!

Yeah, most of the time PD just doesn’t have the stomach for those types of articles, but hey, we can still hit a quota of one or two a year.Destroying the planet, one bubble bath at a time.

In November 2015, Gustaf made waves when he said, “We should ban all baths,” after taking a mini-break while on holiday from indoor plumbing and constant State-provided luxury. “It hit me how much water and energy it used.”

It hit you? Wow, a figurehead with ideas is almost never a good thing.