Clearly someone with hair like that must know more than you.With Spring Break about to be sprung as you or your kiddos plan to meet up with Daash the drug cartels in Cabo, PD thought it would be a perfect time to check in with the Gods of Academia.

Back in 2012, Debbie Squires, an official of the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association, enlightened the Michigan House Committee and the rest of the masses about the parental role in the scholastic life of the Nation’s children.

“You know, educators go through education for a reason. They are the people who know best about how to serve children. That’s not necessarily true of an individual resident. I’m not saying they don’t want the best for their children, but they may not know what actually is best from an education standpoint.”Learn from the best.

To which a stunned Representative Thomas McMillin said, “Wow! Parents don’t know what’s best for their child?”

“I said they may want what’s best for their child. They may not know.”

Ivory tower—anyone? Anyone?