So, you think that the candidate short list you have to choose from is scary? You think the difference between Romney and Dear Leader is minimal? Well, meet Vladimir Franz, candidate for President of the Czech Republic. You gotta hand it to those Czechs, they seem to be able to survive anything.

Tattoo enthusiast Vladimir Franz has a mini-army of signature gathering soldiers stationed outside every metro station from the Red line to the Green, in hopes to get his name at the top of the voter’s ballot. Known as by his closest fans, a Renaissance man, Franz assures PD that his campaign is legitimate, and he’s definitely, “In it to win it.” Nothing screams "serious candidate" like blue ink.

While some old school choir teachers might assume he’s libertarian what with his seemingly bunking of societal norms by having more tattoos than a Congressional meeting has VD cases, he isn’t.

What say you Czech PDers? Will you be making a check next to this douche’s name?