Dear Leader Barack Obama hasn’t been short on his dictates lately (were any of you able to make it through the entire State of the Union without having an aneurism?) and Valentine’s Day is no different.

In the past during press conferences the Commander in Chief has commanded men everywhere to not forget this pivotal Hallmark holiday.

“Today is Valentine’s Day. Do NOT forget. I speak from experience here. It’s important you remember this, and go BIG. This is my advice.” A lot of people push the Michelle-beard angle, but eh, even Marxists can find love.

Go big, huh? Well, naturally going big is far easier to do with taxpayer dollars and a printing press, than with your own funds. So what is in store for Michelle Antoinette tonight? Clearing out Wolfgang Puck’s for a dinner of arugula and steak, or a quick trip to the South of France for little old world culture?

How big are you PDers going tonight with your rations this Valentine’s Day