How does Melania Trump look? Like a former model. Go figure.We’ve covered Dolce & Gabbana’s epic clashes with Italian Technocratics before, each a case where D&G didn’t cower once, but the safe space needing Pussy Hats actually thought that they would shame the designing duo for dressing First Lady Melania Trump and force some type of mea culpa crucifixion from them.

Thinking they would be terrified of hashtags, the intolerant preachers of tolerance took to Twitter with #BoycottDolceGabbana, a threat that over the weekend had Co-Founder Stefano Gabbana so traumatized that he quickly fell into a form of Stockholm Syndrome by saying, “Boycott Dolce and Gabbana please.”Yeah, that’s about how many fucks Gabbana gives if he’s boycotted by the PC Brigade.

For video of his plea and his laughter you can check out his Instagram here.

Clearly, the design house is shaking in their latest collection.

Just sayin’.