At least those little communist snots will approve of the red background. Those on the American Right are shocked today to find out that MRC TV was able to convince George Mason University’s social justice warriors to sign a petition banning radio stations from playing Irving Berlin’s holiday classic, White Christmas.

Our take: Why is anyone shocked by this?

The video here shows MRC TV’s Dan Joseph on the college campus, asking students to sign the petition, claiming that it’s a microaggression how the carol insinuates that white snow is better than black or brown snow, and the only moment of the 4 minute clip that actually surprised us was that one student managed to say, “I don’t think that’s a big deal.”

Wow! One student able to think for himself…He must have been a transfer student.Bing Crosby? Everyone knows Microsoft is racist and Bill Cosby is a rapist. So what if isn’t related or it isn’t spelled the same? On a uni campus, it is the same!

In any case, this little petition comes on the heels of another one at Yale University seeking to ban the First Amendment, which was also well-received from the social justice crowd there.

Ultimately, idiots will sign anything, including (as proved by Penn & Teller about a decade ago) a ban on Dihydrogen Oxide—you know, water. Yeah…

Just sayin’.