The damaged stone coffin.Over the years, our staff has made a few simple requests of the human race.

Within our libertarianism, we’ve asked that people not urinate on the produce at the local A&P, or pee into drinking water reservoirs. We’ve also asked that people not recline their seats on planes and today, we’re going to ask that as a society we reframe from trying to get that casket selfie.

With an echo of #Auschwitz, a family damaged an 800 year old stone coffin at the Prittlewell Priory Museum in Essex, by placing their son inside to try for a one of a kind Christmas card photo.Of course, there was also this great moment for humanity at Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

According to one of the Museum’s Conservators, “Staff heard a thump and that was the first indication something had happened. It was one of those isolated, terrible incidents.”

Naturally, after the stone coffin cracked, the family hightailed it out of there without reporting it, but also naturally for the UK, the whole incident was caught on CCTV.

Come on, guys! Can we try to kind of raise the bar a little on our species?

Just askin’.