It proved to be a long hot summer this year for Germany, which meant there would be more than a few incidents poolside between refugees and citizens.

Cartoon signs were hung up depicting proper pool behavior, but that didn’t stop the cases of molestation countrywide and the cries for of Allahu Akbar that accompanied the threats to exterminate female swimmers for being sluts.Sluts for swimming? Wait till refugees experience their first Halloween.

Geldern’s pool (located in the North Rhine-Westphalia area), which promotes swimming au natural, was stormed by 20 bearded men (reported to be refugees that spoke fluent German) back in July. After spitting on the women and children there, and the calls for the extermination of sluts, etc. the group apparently satisfied that their work was done, left.

The look of electoral regret.Now, with Angela Merkel herself admitting to regretting her push of an open-door policy earlier this week (just in time for elections), and the Bautzen bottle exchange (which led to a 7 p.m. refugee curfew and ban on alcohol—yes, apparently German beer isn’t considered haram) many officials hope that Autumn’s cooler temperatures will help cooler heads prevail.

Of course, brown is supposed to be all the rage for Fall.