Ho, ho, let me be clear, ho.Need more proof that your taxpayer dollars are wasted? Okay, we’ve got that in spades.

Obama Claus seems to think that the behead happy jihadists of Daash haven’t really been all that naughty this year. Sure they took over a few countries cities and left thousands of corpses along the roadside, but it’s not like they want the FED to be audited like those awful Tea Partiers (whom incidentally Obama Claus has decided were so bad that he’s actually taking coal from them).

Anyways, the budding Caliphate is supposedly raking in cash, medical supplies (including mobile clinics), Cheez-Its, and weapons from Obama Claus and the happy elves of the United Nations.

The aid should be going to those in the region that need it, a nice notion of forced charity that loses a little something when it’s deemed that those eating the hearts of their enemies (because they prefer the taste) are the ones in need.A happy Daash is unfortunately still a homicidal Daash.

Try not to stress out too much over this though; after all the United States is clearly making inroads on the whole Middle East conflict thing, just ask Obama Claus.

“I think it’s too early to say whether we are winning, because as I said at the outset of the ISIL campaign, this is going to be a long-term plan.”

Especially when you’re funding them.

Confidence and cleverness, thy name is Barack