A happy dictator. More than a few genius ideas have been known to trickle out of Indonesia, and this most recent one really takes the cake—or just likes cake.

Last month, Indonesia’s Sukarno Center decided to award Kim Jong-Un with their annual peace prize for his dedication to, “Peace, justice and humanity.”

Now, if there’s anyone who is all about humanity you can bet your last grain of rice it is Kim Jong-Un.

Labeling the DPRK’s Ultra Supreme Leader as a, “Champion in the fight against neocolonialism and imperialism,” Kim Jong-Un follows his grandfather in collecting this award, an honor bestowed upon Kim Il-Sung in 2001, a full 7 years after he croaked in 1994.A little DPRK propaganda.

While the Sukarno Center also boasts about a fellowship with America’s NSA, the organization was quick to dismiss Kim Jong-Un’s record of oppressive haircuts, work camps and penchant for feeding family members to dogs as only, “Western propaganda.”