Protected by the badge.There’s never a shortage of Big Government genius, and even though President Zeman just gave his fellow Czechs some great business advice (he told them that if they didn’t invest in Azerbaijan they should kill themselves), this Friday we’re going to stick to an old favorite—-America’s Department of Homeland Security.

Roderick Allison, the Federal Air Marshal Service Director, told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee yesterday that yes, reports of Air Marshals from the Chicago branch having used government-issued devices to record sex acts with prostitutes overseas are true.

Don’t worry about just how poorly your taxpayer dollars are being spent though, Allison insisted that those guilty parties were being punished, “I have made it crystal clear to every employee that there is no tolerance for misconduct.”Director Allison has also instituted a new no drinking 11 hours before your shift policy, complete with pre-board breathalyzers.

Apparently, these frisky bad apples used their government cellphones to record their trysts and shared said recordings via personal email accounts, which were still connected to their government phones.

Allison later added that, “Do I think we have a culture problem? No. I just think we have a handful of people who again think no one is looking and they can get away with this.”

Let’s go to the circle chart...The aptly named Maryland Democrat, Rep. Elijah Cummings, on the House Committee summed up the situation with, “If these allegations are accurate, they are completely inappropriate for anyone, let alone Air Marshals charged with securing our skies. These employees must be held accountable and I know they will be.”

Hey though, with an annual budget of only $800 million you can’t expect quality personnel.