What?Arguably birds of a feather with President Trump, getting closer with Venezuela’s President Maduro and recently joining Vladimir Putin’s Dacha Club, President Rodrigo Duterte has begun trying to work his magic with China.

Skipping over the idea of diplomatic trade missions or sending a thoughtful gift, Duterte decided that the best way to win over China would be to send the Filipino Military over to the expanse of ocean known as the Benham Rise and to inform any Chinese survey ships, that the Benham Rise actually belongs to the Philippines, and not China.You are the wind beneath my wings…

Side note: So far that type of approach has worked so well for Japanese/Chinese relations.

According to Duterte, “My order to my military, you go there and tell them straight that this is ours, but I say it in friendship.”

Hmm…the trick must all be in the smile.