Now that the shores of Tripoli have been dubbed the safest place to be for an Arab Fall, PD thought we’d take a look at what the US Secretary of State for the Obama Administration (you know, that über diplomatic one) Libyan feelings were a year ago.

Few may remember, but a lifetime ago, there was an uprising in the Middle East, were the citizenry attempted to overthrow their dictatorial governments with the weapons of social media. No, not Iran. That was like two lifetimes ago, and the Obama wasn’t able to muster two fucks about that one. No, no, not Egypt either. That was a skoosh before the one we’re talking about now, and seriously, the uprising in Egypt turned out beautifully for US interests. That's not nice, Hillary.

No, we’re talking about the one in Libya. The one where the self-dubbed, “King of Kings,” Muammar Gaddafi was ousted from the throne he’d perched upon for 42 years of love, peace, and colorful outfits.

During an interview on October 20th, 2011, Hillary the fashion icon, and long-suffering wife of Slick Willy Clinton, said the following referring to Gaddafi, “We came. We saw. He died.”

Now, that’s diplomatic!

Of course, with Gaddafi now dead for almost a year (killed like a dog in the streets), Libya is now seeing a huge resurgence in diversity of faith, mutual respect and tolerance, tourism, and hookah bars.

Cheers!Wait, wait, no. They’re not. A small gathering of radicals (I mean only 400, that’s a New York Socialite’s wedding), killed four Americans early last week (I think it was the Tuesday—nothing important about a Tuesday), and paraded their bodies in the streets. Reports suggest the small gathering of radicals were singing that old 1970’s Arab classic, “Death to America.”

Now surely, that’s something Sectary of State Hillary Clinton can dance to.