No one will try to tell you that Bess Price isn’t a hearty woman who has proven herself as strong stalk in the Aboriginal community of Australia. Hell, any woman who had her first kid at 13, and left the abusive father of said first kid at 19, you’d expect to be the tough love type, which makes the uproar over her recent comments all the more interesting.

As an MP for the Liberal Country Party, Bess Price shocked the Legislative Assembly when she said the following, “While they are being imprisoned (the aboriginals), they don’t get to drink, they don’t get into trouble, they are fed three times a day. They are in there with their family members. They sleep in their language groups and they all come out of prison much healthier.”

Wow, tell us how you really feel there, Bess. Big government birds of a feather.

It’s important to note the Bess Nungarrayi Price, whom was selected by Barack Obama to be the recipient of a US International Women’s Courage Award, was instrumental in the big government intervention of the Northern Territory National Emergency Response Act of 2007.

To our non-Aussi PDers out there, that act put restrictions on purchasing alcohol and kava (a sedative typically chewed made from the piper methysticum plant), in addition to adding anti-porn filters on publicly funded computers in that region.