Last week, while PD was pouring over the US Flag Code, trying to moralize the ins-and-outs of wearing that flag tank and wedges, OWS was grappling with different problems.

Who’s bringing the kerosene? Who’s bringing the Chinese-bought flag? Who’s bringing the matches? Who’s gonna use their iphone to upload the footage to YouTube? Who’s got the balaclavas?

Wednesday the Mainstream Media’s favorite political heroes, held the first annual Fuck the Fourth march in Oakland, California. What do you think of that alliteration? That just reeks of college! Here are some of the fashion highlights from these lowlifes.

To the left, we see the country’s best and brightest. Not only will they burn the flag, that is a symbol of what has allowed them to be an Angels fan, but the one in middle flipping the byrd kills his attempt at looking menacing with his compulsion to wear black with brown Cole Haans. That’s just sad. He should aspire to be more like his friend with his mouth covered (Why risk lung cancer? That shit’s dangerous!) and keep it real in some Adidas.

Anyways, we’re sure they have absolutely no connection to General Taco or the rest of the gang at the New Black Panther Party.

OWS glamour.

Nothing says Anarcho-Communist quite like a denim skirt with white lace bordering. This little Lolita here also goes with brown jack boots and a black hoodie. Travyon? What did someone just say Travyon? No? Oh, okay. You crazy kids, black apparel and brown shoes do not a fashionable communist make.

You just know that this chick was head cheerleader.

OWS fire safety.

Apparently the march went on into the wee-hours of curfew. Moms and Dads, aren’t you so proud? To me, nothing says I mean business quite like a beanie. Also, note the clever chick in the middle that’s keeping her tresses away safe from the flames with the headband she commandeered bought liberated at Claire’s.

Anyways, ever the poets OWS left Oakland with this gem:

Pure poetry.

FTP? Who knew occupiers were so into computer lingo?