The same type of worship…Think we’re harping a little too much on Maduro, as of late? Think it’s getting a little tween fangirl-esque?

Well, we’ve already established that Maduro is just a haircut away from being Saloth Sar (that’s Pol Pot before the whimsy of the jungle), but perhaps this Maduro obsession likens back to how closely this windbreaker strongman resembles the United States’ own windbreaker spokes model—Barack Obama.

It’s not just taste, and beliefs about their own soothsaying messianic powers, it’s also their inability to take responsibility for anything.

Obama is quick to blame George Bush, the Tea Party, and ATMs, while Maduro echoes the same with blaming the lack of toilet paper, food, and electricity on his political opponents and those American capitalist pigs.Oh the irony of the photo used in the ad having been snapped in China.

“Be strong against this electrical war that yesterday’s fascists have declared against our people,” Maduro said in yet another address in recent days.

Twitter is considered a safer playground by politicians, than any jungle-gym in Caracas; so while Maduro was busy tweeting blame for yesterday’s “strange” blackout on capitalist parasites and over consumption, Henrique Capriles, the guy who lost to Maduro back in April, tweeted, “For once in your lives, be responsible.”

Does any of this strike our American PDers as familiar?