Creepy? Uh...yeah.Those in Mexican drug cartels aren’t usually thought to be the pansies in room. In fact, they prosper on their reputations of rape trees and ice chests full of local police officer heads.

Recently though, a few of the bad boys of the cartel class have developed a fear of clowns that goes far deeper than a childhood reading of IT.

Last week in Los Cabos, Mexico (home of the Olsen twin challenge) the former head of the Tijuana Cartel was taken out by a Fizbo look alike.A drug cartel clown could make a great Halloween costume...just not in Latin America.

PD might have told you guys how the clown look was taking over OWS a year ago, but even we never imagined assassins would adopt the trend too.

Instead of a festive balloon animal, Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, age 63, received a bullet to the head.

So far, the assailant has not been captured, but authorities there describe him as a pale complexioned male, with a size 20 shoe and red nose.

If you’re planning on hitting a party in Mexico in the near future, be sure to keep a close eye on the entertainment.