In the slew of questions that we here at PD have for the White House, we can honestly say one was never, “How much does he pay for that haircut?” In fact, we thought that he didn’t pay for it. What’s being cut exactly? Doesn’t he just buzz it in the morning before his SEIU meeting, like any other leader of the Semi-Free World?

Nope, and unfortunately the story gets worse. Twice a month, dear leader flies in his barber from Chicago to do the buzzing for him. Flies him into Washington. Zariff (first name only- like Cher, or Satan) his barber is supposedly so good that he’s even been allowed to add, “The Obama” to his pricelist of cuts.

That’s right. Shock three, not only does Obama pay someone to cut his hair, and not only does he pay to fly this guy in from Chicago (and by he we mean the taxpayer pays, not him), but there is actually a haircut out there called, “The Obama.”You too can have The Obama Cut.

Do you think “The Obama Cut” also comes with a composite girlfriend?