They Just Did It

Hey, curious about what the non-existent drug cartels are not up to? PD sure thought so!

Here’s a recent shot of the mounting body count that no one in the media seems to be keeping track of. Well, since they aren’t covering it, it can’t be that big of deal. Right?

The slain man in the Nike’s was actually an undercover cop. Clearly, he didn’t have a family, or friends that would miss him and might want justice. Otherwise, the Mexican Government would do something about it. Right? And the mainstream media would report on it. And everyone might actually admit that there is a full-fledge war a hop, skip and a jump from the U.S. border. Right?

I mean, if this was one of 40,000 some odd victims of the war, DOJ Eric Holder would surely hand over all of the documents in the Fast and the Furious case, and dear leader would want to get to the bottom of it, in order to protect America and Mexican citizens. Right? Obama certainly would not grant DOJ Eric Holder executive privilege, and tie up the investigation any longer than necessary.