Seriously, Tiger?If you thought the Tiger Woods “Winning-Takes-Care-Of-Everything” Nike ad campaign revealed last month was in poor taste (what with all of the infidelity and that) Nike is now once again taking heat for their Boston Massacre tee.

Eee, much like Entertainment Weekly’s “Killer” Batman cover after Aurora, that’s just unfortunate.

The phrase, for all of the non-sport guru PDers out there, comes from the 1978 sweeping World Series Championship win by the Yankees over the Boston Red Sox, not last week’s marathon bombing. Of course, that little tidbit of information does little to downplay the blood splatter design of the tee.Even historically speaking, Nike, not cool, not cool.

While Nike as of Monday yanked the shirt line, their few day hesitation has them currently being eaten alive by the public.

When discussing the term, it too can be pointed out that the original Boston Massacre ala Crispus Attucks (the first man of five colonists to fall) happened back in 1770. In that case, it wasn’t Chechen fan boys looking to blow up their social media accounts with followers, but a tyrannical government working to disarm an over taxed citizenry…hmmm… That’s totally different from today… Completely, totally… Not even remotely similar…

Who says history repeats itself?