Hardcore shades. PD might have spoken too soon when we crowned Weiner the Comeback Kid (albeit with the other spelling), because no matter where you fall on the political spectrum you’ve got to admit that the former President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak is the real baller.

From 1988, he served as the head honcho of Egypt. Not a great guy by any means, but he also wasn’t stringing up Christians in the street.

Then the glorious Arab Spring started when a Tunisian fruit vendor lit himself on fire, and somehow (think progressives waiting in the wings) Hosni was kicked out of the American picked winner’s circle.

Once he “stepped” down, Mubarak was arrested and sentenced to life in jail. That was in the beginning time period of June 2012, and by the end of that month he was declared clinically dead.

Clinically dead so much so that his name was crossed off of 10-4-10 lists worldwide.Out with the new school, back to the old.

Then Mubarak pulled a Jesus, and after yet another glorious Arab Spring, he rose from the clinically dead and was released from prison last week.

Death. He’s clearly doing it right.

Despite a trial or two, this octogenarian Hosni Mubarak is now on the fast track to reclaiming his post as head honcho of Egypt again.

Now, that’s a reason to wear boss shades.