Keep any eye out for the quick burning Trump candle that gives off an aroma of the Hair Club For Men and hearty self-assurance.It is hard to deny that the online candle community is cut-throat.

There is the one camp that fervently espouses the belief that Yankee Candle’s throw has sucked since 2012, and those others that believe Yankee can do no wrong and anyone who says anything differently deserves to die since hey, this is the internet and everyone hates everyone— but one thing the online candle community has been mandated to agree on, push and applaud all the way around is the new Vladimir Putin slow burning wax with combined notes of pine and rugged earth.

Oh yeah, for this Vladentine’s Day, we’re talking about a 16 oz. Putin candle that promises to, “Crush rebellious odors.”Who do you think pulled the plug first on the Hillary/Putin romance?

This manly fragrance that domesticates tigers, assists geese with migration, and rides bareback is guaranteed to make the knees of that special someone in your life buckle from anticipation and…fear of reprisal attacks.

Made from all natural, hand-poured soy wax, rush over to Etsy to grab yours now.