Karl Lagerfeld.

The Outraged Class has forgotten about Donna Karan’s tips on risqué fashion, in favor of putting up another fashion designer on the chopping block.

The designer known for being brutally blunt, Karl Lagerfeld is now under investigation by France’s Higher Audiovisual Council for comments he made recently on the late night talk show, Salut Les Terriens.

When asked about his opinion on Angela Merkel and her push for higher refugee quotas, Lagerfeld ruffled partisan Parisian feathers by saying, “You cannot kill millions of Jews and then take in millions of their worst enemies afterwards, even if there are decades (in between the two actions).”

Sacré bleu!

In typical Lagerfeld fashion, he also added a little imagery with, “Merkel had already millions and millions (of immigrants) who are well integrated and who work and all is well. She had no need to take another million to improve her image as the wicked stepmother after the Greek crisis.”

Finally, Lagerfeld finished with the following short story, “I know someone in Germany who took in a young Syrian who spoke a little English. After four days, do you know what he said to the lady? ‘Germany’s best invention is the Holocaust.’”

Remember his 2009, $999, made-with-real-alpaca teddy collab with Steiff?

Yes, and now Lagerfeld is under investigation for complaints that he went two for two with his words being perceived as both racist and Islamophobic.

Not to be lumped in and put under investigation ourselves, but might we suggest that if you are planning to go to Karl Lagerfeld’s Christmas tree unveiling at Claridge’s this Wednesday, you opt for staying alert and keeping it to a two drink minimum in case of a Hebdo situation.

Just throwing that out there.