Friendships take work.As the country of Sweden asks themselves what happened over the weekend, it’s not just the Swedes that are confused by the Trump Administration’s stances.

Take Venezuelan President and bird expert Nicolas Maduro’s demand for an apology, after the Trump Administration placed his new Vice President Tereck El Aissami on their financial sanctions blacklist and labeled him a, “Drug trafficker.”

Pausing the salsa music to demand an apology, Maduro said that the United States was, “A den for traitors, bandits and the corrupt.”King Carl XVI Gustaf: Possibly what Trump was referring to when he mentioned what’s going on with Sweden.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all bad blood between the two despots, as both can find common ground in hating CNN— with one last week calling CNN, “An instrument of war,” and the other the previous week calling CNN, “Fake news.”

Plus, the two also have a mutual man-crush on Vladimir Putin, so there’s still hope they can build a wall bridge to each other.